The Road Ahead

The Road Ahead

The truck is packed and our goods are ready.

Our bellies are full of home-cooked meals, the coffee is ground, cuddles with King Kinta are accomplished, family time and booth preparations completed.

New CDs have been uploaded to digital format, road-side exercise routines have been established and conversations yet to be had are being thought about.

Soon we leave for our first long haul of the summer and we’re looking forward to it.

This year you can expect from us: six NEW wool jacket designs that we loved bringing to life, along with our oh-so-famous original skull wool jacket; a huge increase in ladies wear; fleece and twill jackets that are already flying off the racks; tie dye goodies to make you feel like you’ve jumped back in time.

Our own take on wares is growing exponentially every year and we have YOU to thank for that. We listen to your needs and wish lists, tweak fashions accordingly and birth brand new ideas during the long drives.

See you soon.