AKNA Skirt

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The Akna Skirt

An Arcane Coda Original! 

A blend of denim, lace and raised "suede" with a huge range of sizing due to the snap belt and three functional pockets, this is the LAST available skirt of its kind! 

We are a small company and make small quantities of our own designs to begin with. This particular item came in an order of less than twenty so rest assured that the chances of running into someone who owns one are slim! 

Pair it with a black tank top, leggings or fishnets, combat boots or knee-highs. This skirt looks great with the Prim Vest. Check it out! 


Waist Size Range is 30-40" due to the multiple snap function and where on your waist or hips you sit the skirt at! 

The length of the front is 9" and the length of the back is 26.5". One pocket in the skirt is 4x5" and the hanging, detachable pocket is 7x7".