Arma Jacket

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The Arma Jacket

Quite possibly THE most hardcore jacket that you will come across. Each individual jacket has almost three-hundred and fifty-five grommets, six inside pockets (two with flaps, two with buttons and two with zippers) plus two more on the outside for a total of eight pockets... PLUS a ninth, secret pocket; The location of which will only be disclosed upon purchase.

The hood is detachable and comes off with a zipper, but why would you want to do that when it alone has a total of one hundred grommets of three different sizes?!

Each arm has approximately eighty grommets in total that decorate the shoulder, elbow and wrist patches. The wrists have a five inch long zipper that expand the diameter of the wrist to allow for extra big hands or gloves.

The back has twenty-five individually stitched panels, with three grommets each, that progressively get larger, scaling down the back. 

It suffices to say that this is a hefty, heavy, hard core denim jacket. We did two years of work and sampling on this item to ensure its strength and durability. To top it off, there is an incredible screen print of a psychedelic wolf head on the inside lining.

LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE! Got questions? Drop us a line. 

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