Brick Tank

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The Brick Tank

Built of lightweight denim, similar to that of the metal paneling on a tank or an elaborate brick museum downtown some old Eastern European city. Each layer, each piece added, makes the Tank that much stronger. 

It took a long time to find three of just the right tones of fabric that would work well together but with trials and errors and finally this success, we found the combo that worked! Keep in mind, we will never find this blend again because we tend to lean towards "end of the roll" fabrics in order to do our part to try and limit the use of fabric that's created in the world.

One chest pocket and a variety of intricate detailing makes a subtle impression as you're walking down the streets of whatever city you live in.

Definitely fits best on long and lean folks because Perry used his frame as a base. Pull out a soft measuring tape and check for your right fit! (Specifically the arm hole and waist area.)


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