Bull Vest

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The Bull Vest

This slim fit denim vest is everyone's best friend whether you're a punk rocker, a rock n' roller or just like to pair up denim with your festival or casual attire. The Bull Vest is strong and sturdy and in true Arcane Coda style, is stonewashed and has decorative darts and grommets. 

Approximately thirty grommets adorn the Bull Vest as well as sixty-two micro "darts" on the front and back. Just below the neckline, on the back of this beastly strong vest is the bull itself. The bull has your back always. 

When you actually choose to take this off (say for a shower or what not) place the Bull Vest over the back of a chair, inside out, and spread open to reveal the explosive, psychedelic pattern located on the inside lining. 


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