Dark Angel Vest

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The birth of this product went something like this:

Venessa -- "I want to create something whimsical that's dark and twisty. I like the fairy stuff but I really want the dark and twisty stuff. And there has to be a lot of pockets."

Perry -- "Ok, so do it."

Venessa -- "Will you help me put the final touches on it because you're better at that part."

Perry -- "Of course. We need brocade."

So there you have it. Venessa may live an alternate life as a showgirl but deep at heart we are both dark and twisty and will forever have an alternative, grunge, dystopian look that drives our every move. Stone wash it! Add rivets! MORE POCKETS! But the hood needs to be BIGGER!!

The Dark Angel Vest is exactly that, a vest that makes you feel like a lord of the underworld. Twelve cast buttons adorn the front and depending on your size, the double breasted design allow you to wear it snug or leave it a little looser. (If your size and choice of jacket size allow.) You'll have fun playing hide and seek with your items, choosing from one of the eight pockets available on the inside panel or the two at waist height along the outside side seams.  

See size chart and take your measurements! 

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