Electric Tree Tank

Regular price $90

Another flattering piece for the long and lean folks with details that only Perry would think of. As soon as Perry saw this fabric he said "I have to create something with this" and snatched up the last of it, which wasn't much!

With grommet accenting and reinforced twill backing, the hood will stay up on your head nicely, while keeping its shape. 

Leather strands lace down each side and allow for some flexibility in sizing. The fabric of the tank does not have a lot of stretch so the lacing is essential for the right fit. 

On the back is a really cool tree print. When Perry wanted to do this I said "Isn't the fabric already cool and crazy enough?" and Perry was like "just wait" and sure enough, it's an added touch that truly stands out and looks amazing. 

The measurements provided in the size chart are the exact size of the garment. For the best fit, chose a tank size that is slightly larger than your measurements. 

Limited Quantities Available!