Flower of Life Forever

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The Flower of Life Forever Dress

This dress has a really nice weight to it and drapes beautifully on your body. A Flower of Life  screen print covers the entire dress and goes on forever, hence the name. ;-) A belt of the same colour as the Flower of Life compliments the outfit by cinching you at the waist and giving you a bit of shape, although the dress also looks great without the belt and you can wear it around your neck like a scarf instead!


The amount of space at the waist, between arms holes, is a circumference of 56" and therefore this dress is a "One Size Fits Many". 


The Blue/Black option is marked down due to a few imperfections in the fabric. We don't find them noticeable but wanted you to know before purchasing. A closeup shot was provided so that you can see. The two White varieties do not have these markings.