Jumbo Poncho

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The Jumbo Poncho

Everyone loves a poncho! We had these custom made to suit our style which is BIG! BAGGY! and with a deep hood to hide all of your hear or just to feel a bit like a wizard, because why not. The pocket is a kangaroo pouch in the front and centre, comfortable to hang your hands in or hide your secret papers. 

Chest circumference is approximately 52" and only gets bigger from there! From the neckline, at the top of the wooden buttons, down to the longest point in the front and back is 44" long.

Two wooden buttons accent the neck and allow for more space in case you've got a bigger noggin. The hood is 14" deep and there are pull strings on either side in case it's windy out and your need to hide your face. 

Made out of those really awesome acrylic shawls that are often referred to as "Yak Shawls".