Lace Holster Hood

Regular price $130

We first came up with this idea in 2015 and it has evolved so much over the years! We have a blast using different colour combinations and accent pieces where sometimes literally only one exists of its kind.

We have accepted customer feedback and adapted the Holster Hood into what you see here today. (With even more ideas coming in the future!)

The hood is reinforced, four layers deep, with a heavy denim placed between two layers of silk and finally accented with an outer layer of lace. 

There are seven points of adjustment in order to get the right fit for your body. Do you like your pockets more forward? More back? Higher? Lower? Put them wherever you like! Through customer feedback, we also added the two front straps which keeps the Holster secure to your body as you're running after your pals or dancing in the fields. The straps have four button holes each, which adds further adjustment to perfection.

Each pouch has two pockets, one hidden under the decorative flap and the other on the backside, close to your body. Both close with high quality zippers. 

Both functional and decorative, the cast buttons accent the Holster Hood down the front and back.