Sheer Bliss

Regular price $90

This is a "Sheer" thing of beauty. Soft and flowy with blissful colours that make you feel both wild and powerful. (Can't you be both?) 

This item is perfect as a bathing suit cover, as beachwear, for pool side or festival fields. Or, as is always the case with me, slap on some combat boots and throw this over a black leotard for a completely different look that I will most thoroughly approve of. 


We currently have ONE of these as our orders are held up while the borders are shut. Snatch up this one or wait for more colour options! **This is the ONLY ONE that will have gems accenting the front collar. Once our order arrives they will be without gems. If you need a close up of what that looks like, please be in touch!

Front Length 33" long

Back Length 48" long

Arm Hole Diameter 10"