Shield Jacket

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The Shield Jacket 

This long and sleek, stone washed denim jacket has a double breasted front, intricate accenting on the wrist, a huge wizard hood and pockets for days. 

We often come up with some pretty flashy items that have a touch of glam in them, either accented with brocade or colour, but we wanted to keep the Shield Jacket more subdued. 

Meticulous care has gone into every detail of the Shield, from the various buttons, grommets and pockets that serve both functional and decorative purposes, as well as a thin cotton lining that perfectly matches the outer shell. 

In some cases you have the option of Silver buttons or Bronze buttons! 

It's also important to note that due to the nature of stone-washing in small batches, there may be some slight variations to the picture shown. Our favourite part about that, is that every piece really is unique in its own way!

Check your measurements and follow the guide as is!