The Underground

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The Underground

Three different cottons on the back create a unique pattern and design that is sure to turn heads. All materials have been made to resemble the look of something that rusts and changes from exposure of the elements yet looks better with time. 

The decision to leave the front uninhibited by the constraints of zippers and buttons means that you'll be able to leave it hanging open freely, like a lounge robe, as you head out for desert walks.

The pattern on the back of the Underground is made to resemble the dry, webbed, mesh of roots weaving through the dirt with no particular distinction or goal in mind. Just expand, explore and lurk about in the underground... or on a sunny, brightly lit hay field... the possibilities are endless, really.

Adding to the appeal and style of this item is the incredibly large Wizard hood that is twenty-seven inches deep. Pop it on your head for that extra impact when you're ready to make your entrance (or exit).

Available in two sizes.


S/M -- Shoulder width 17", Under-arm width of back panel 19", Waist width of back panel 16", Arm Length 24", Bicep Diameter 14", Back Panel Length 34"

L -- Shoulder width 18", Under-arm width of back panel 20", Waist width of back panel 17", Arm Length 25", Bicep Diameter 14", Back Panel Length 35"