Wanda Jacket

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The Wanda Jacket

When I was growing up, we were always expected to be "pretty" or were otherwise labeled as "tomboys". There was no in-between. When I bring my ideas to life I'm focusing on the thought of bringing strength to my femininity. I am a woman who wants to look tough without being labeled as "manly". I'm going to be vocal and have muscles and wear clothing that make me feel good.


The Wanda Jacket is created with extremely comfortable, soft denims and adorned with various sizes of grommets to create a grunge look on a clean pallet. Waist length with a V cut at the back to flex with you as you move, multiple-panel shoulder accents and a "zipper flap" to hide the front zipper make this jacket look bold and feel powerful. 

The inside lining is gorgeous and soft. You WILL feel strong AND gorgeous as you sport this jacket around town. Guarantee!


The measurements provided are the exact measurement of the item. For the best fit, your size should fall within or under the numbers shown. Pit-to-Pit and Waist numbers are half of the circumference, using the image as a guide.

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