About us

The Company


Arcane Coda is a Canadian label, created in 2007 from a history of selling at festivals, events and fairs from British Columbia to Manitoba.

With ideas born on the highways of Canada and peppered with a South East Asian influence, we design and import clothing for the life-loving, passion-seeking, rock n’ roll hippies who wish to add alternative options to their wardrobe. We have developed our own style while working in close collaboration with tailors in Canada, Nepal, India & Thailand.

Full production takes place in small garment studios that are family owned and operated. A strong and long-lasting relationship with our partners is as paramount as the care and quality of the garments we bring to you.

Arcane Coda’s fashion line includes styles for every season that are uniquely designed with durability in mind: from the finest materials selected for each customized style, to the highest-quality accessories for the final touches. With trusted quality control on every item, you can rest assured that what you wear is well-constructed with the highest of modern, moral standards.

Perry & Venessa also personalize garments on the spot at events, adding their handmade accents, accessories and decor to the booth.


The Team

Perry & Venessa both hail from small towns and draw from their roots, passions and years of training in music and dance as their inspiration for clothing. They create garments that are inspired by their ever-evolving surroundings—from warrior costuming to backyard parties—while adding durability and strength with a utilitarian, festival twist.


The Traveling Shop Setup

The Arcane Coda tent configuration can vary from 10′ x 10′ to a 40′ x 40′ setup with special alterations made for a vast array of audiences. We have a knack for using the elements around us to arrange our space, giving the environment a natural, comfortable and organic feeling.