Earth Holster Hood

Regular price $100

The Earth Holster Hood was the original design of this item. It has changed colours based on available fabrics (save the planet!). This holster hood is made of a thin (but super strong) brown cotton, hemp nettle patchwork and coconut buttons. 

We always make our hoods large enough to hide in and keep the sun (or rain) off your face. Two front straps are included. Use em or leave em! Each strap has four button holes so that you can adjust them to your liking or leave them at home. 

Down the centre panel of the hood and accenting each pocket is a wee celtic embroidery.

There are two pouches with seven points of adjustment in order to put them right where you want. Higher up? Further back? Swinging around you on the dance floor or tucked closely to you body, shift and shape them to wherever you want. Each pouch has two pockets and each pocket has a zipper. Your items will be safe in there.