Three Bar Pants

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Three Bar Pants

Perry is a stickler for detail and these pants prove it. We went through a two step stone washing process with these ones. If you look closely, you'll see that the "patches" that are meticulously stitched on, starting from the pocket down to the ankle, have a different look. That's because those pieces were all stone washed separately and before the final wash when their application was complete. 

The belt loops are unique. The pocket placements are unique. These pants are just unique. Just the other day we were at a coffee shop admiring the useful pockets of cop pants and the the cop says "I'd rather be wearing those!" Yes sir, yes you would. 


Measurements: PLEASE MAKE SURE that you take out a measuring tape and measure yourself and compare to our size chart!! Learning about sizing, modesty sizing and international sizing has been interesting so look at our size chart closely. We skipped a size 32" and went from 30" to 34". The measurements provided are exactly the measurements of the garment so be sure that you are the same or less than the numbers in the chart for the size that is best for you. 

Feel free to email or Facebook us with any questions! 

*Please note, the close up shots make the jeans look much lighter than they are.

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