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Analog Man meets the Digital Age; Lady & The Tramp

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Hi everyone. This is the Perry's perspective blog part.

Let’s start with analogue. What is analogue? Well, its me. In the past when my tape cassette machine would break down from heavy use, I would fast forward or rewind a tape by way of using a pencil. HB were the best due to their multi sided design.
Now, people have libraries of music bigger than I would have had room to store in my house on their phones.

Wow, how things have changed. As they changed, so have I. Only a short time ago there were other lives being lived by myself and then they changed to become this.

Arcane Coda.

Being creative has its perks as you can transfer your skills from one medium to another, with some adjustments, of course. Other creative outlets that have been lifelong passions of mine include music (listening to, playing, watching, all of it), painting, fine woodworking and sewing.

After some travel around the world and lots of adventure I realized how cool some of the things were in other countries and thought bringing them back to sell would be cool to try. This worked for a while, while holding down a small construction company that I had at the same time. Then 'this' became more fun...... Way more fun.

As a lifelong lover of world travel this new road started looking much more attractive. After doing this for a while and making a few changes, I felt bringing amazing things to places in Canada from other people’s minds (open sourced items and clothing) wasn't enough. I wanted to design and had a lot of ideas. Problem was, I hadn’t found the right people to work with to make these ideas come alive.

Now, long term relationships with tailors, cargo, animal rescue friends and musicians overseas makes the Arcane Coda world that I live in, the only place I want to be.

A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet the person I would now spend the rest of my life with. I should mention that this lifestyle can either make someone crazy or giddy with excitement. It’s always moving, sleep is optional or simply hard to come by most often. By no means is this a complaint, just a fact that i am more than happy to accept.Being in one place for more than a few days is like saying moss is lazy because it doesn't visit other moss way over there or over there or Blahblah Blahblah.

Point is, I'm lucky and forever grateful that Venessa has come into my life and become just as much a part of Arcane Coda as myself.  She is a citizen of the planet and manages to travel in questionable conditions, wild scenarios popping up at any moment and takes it all in stride. The endless travel is a blast but so is having an actual home base to work on creations. 

Now, with our company more established and our catalogue of designs growing all the time, we are bringing them to you in the non analogue format so that you can get them anywhere, anytime.



Hi! Venessa here.

Little did I know that when I met Perry and fell in love, that I was also embarking on a complete lifestyle overhaul in addition to a relationship. Before I knew what was happening, I was driving across Western Canada and seeing the natural beauty that our beloved country has to offer. 

We were flying to Nepal, India and Thailand on fourteen hour trips and lots of coffee. I have seen places of the world that I never thought I would, eaten incredible food and participated in beautiful festivities that were completely new and absolutely beautiful to me. 

I embarked on animal rescue missions with Perry, seeing a darkness in the world that is hard to swallow. 

We have gone down paths in India with nowhere to pee and marching bands coming through an already overcrowded side road just to find gorgeous buttons for a pair of jeans. 

The best part of all of this has been meeting all of the incredible people around the world. Whether we were setting up shop at a fair surrounded by goats and carnival rides, tattoo conventions or music festivals, sipping tea during a business meeting in Kathmandu, it has been meeting all of you that has added the most joy to my life. 

Like Perry, I come from an equally eclectic background. Having spent over a decade in the animation and VFX industry, I then transitioned to art modelling and therapeutic massage, spending every spare moment in a dance class or at the gym.

I have often compared Perry and I to Lady & the Tramp because I'm a princess and he's a wild dog. Together we are creating what we want to wear while doing the plethora of things that we love to do in this life with our eternal goal to...

Stay Wild and Live Free. 

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