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What does animal rescue entail?

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What happens when we go to other countries? The same thing as in our own country, actually. If we see an animal that needs help we help, no questions. Even prior to meeting Venessa, I have saved almost everything that I have come across that needed help. Cats, dogs, turtles, fish, pelicans, possums and more. Now, together, we both do what we can wherever we are on the planet.

Some people have asked why wouldn't we just help the animals in Canada, where we live? That’s simple. We have passports from one nation but are citizens of the planet. We can also sometimes live abroad for as long as 4 to 5 months, which makes this new place our home and therefore makes us help wherever we may be at any given month or time of the day.

Our friends and business partners are all aware that if we are to be somewhere at a given time and call to cancel due to an emergency, there is no problem. They will carry on with plans without us for the moment or day. This has happened numerous times and will continue to when we see out of the corner of our eyes or in our faces, an animal that needs help.

We typically squish ourselves onto our motorbike and take the animal to the rescue centre or if it is too difficult we call the centre for help and they send someone, or a team, promptly.

Things like this cost money and we give what we can, generously. If a call is made by us, we always give money on scene for fuel, dressings, medications or surgery that is necessary to help the extra life we have just added to the already long list of animals in their care.

This has been going on for years because it feels impossible to drive or walk by some of the things you see and not help, knowing you have the ability to do just that. Typically, after a recent rescue, we will follow up in a day or two and spend time with the animal that has been saved.

As mentioned before, sometimes we need to get the animal to the centre immediately and maybe the drivers are busy and can't pick up from where we are. When this happens we will go to the centre and help with the surgery, clean up after animals, walk them or simply pet them. It is truly amazing how much a street animal (typically a dog) will respond to love before even eating the food you that you are giving it.

So to wrap this up before it gets to be a novel, we are here to let you know what we do and where your/our money goes: to be honest, earth born, solid, real-life heroes. That's correct, Heroes.

There are invisible people who do not do what they do for the pat on the back or the notoriety. They do it out of compassion and love for those who can't help themselves. It is for those people that we want to contribute what we can to help buy more medications, food, shelter, neutering and spaying programs, more staff etc. 

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